The Release of Tecno Pova 3 2022

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The release of the Tecno Pova 3 just before the end of 2018 was more than just an ordinary launch event. It was one that marked the return of one of Africa’s leading smartphone brands. If you don’t know about this new device, here’s everything you need to know about the Tecno Pova 3 for 2022 and beyond.

The Back Story

The Tecno Pova series has been getting a lot of attention lately. So, what’s next in line? We have to admit that we’re starting to get a little nervous as we have no idea what to expect from them. Well, until today. As it turns out, the Tecno company posted all about the latest device that is coming our way and it looks like it will be worth waiting for! Here are all of the juicy details:

– It has 4K video capabilities, which means that if you’re shooting something worth viewing from your phone camera, you’ll be able to see every detail in full resolution.

What Makes the Phone Tick?

The next Pova phone from Tecno will come with a 4.99-inch HD+ display with 720×1440 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio. It’ll have octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB internal storage and microSD card slot as well as an 8MP camera at back and 8MP wide-angle camera at front to capture every moment more vividly than ever before. The phone’s battery is strong enough to get you through even your busiest days without missing out on any moments. Running Android 9 Pie, it also has some impressive AI features that take care of all your needs by just talking or typing out what you want before you’ve even realized it!

Official Specs and Features

It’s a 5.2-inch handset with a 2160 x 1080p resolution, it’s slightly larger than last year’s model but boasts slimmer bezels. Beneath the screen are two neatly positioned volume buttons and a power button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner. On the rear is a single 16MP camera while around front there’s an 8MP sensor  sitting above Android 9 (Pie) out of the box and One UI 1.3 overlay with AI features like multi-window and screenshot auto-rotation. Below is 64GB storage, and there is support for microSD cards of up to 512GB capacity.

How Much Will it Cost?

The tech world never ceases to amaze us with the new innovations that we see every year. This year, one of the hottest releases has been the release of Tecno’s latest handset. The much-anticipated device is scheduled to launch in early 2020 and will be available at affordable prices in Africa’s key markets. So what do we know about this device? To find out more about it, read on…

When Can I Buy One?

The great news is that we may not have to wait long. Based on Tecno’s timeline, we should be seeing a global release of the phone as early as February or March of 2020.

It will likely sell for around $150-$200, making it significantly cheaper than phones that offer this level of technology.

What Makes This Phone so Special? (one sentence)

Is Tecno Pova 3 launch in Pakistan?

The Tecno Pova 3 is a gorgeous handset with flagship-grade specs. The build quality is excellent and there are plenty of bells and whistles. The cameras are an added bonus, too. Priced at just Rs 9,999 it seems like an excellent choice if you’re looking to buy a smartphone in Pakistan. However, because the phone hasn’t been launched yet, we can’t be sure whether or not it will be available here. Hopefully we’ll find out soon!

How much is Pova 3 in Nigeria now?

The best thing about Tecno is that they make reasonably priced smartphones with good features. Most recently, they launched their latest flagship device, the Pova 3. Like any other Android smartphone with an AMOLED display, it has a resolution of 1080 x 2280. It also has Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 as its processor, so this phone will be fast and reliable. Some people may not be fans of its camera design, but there’s no denying that both cameras perform well in different lighting conditions (even better than the ones on Xiaomi Mi 9). To top it all off, the video recording is great at 30 frames per second in 4K UHD resolution at an aspect ratio of 18:9 for anyone who wants to livestream to YouTube or Facebook.

How much is Tecno Pova in the market?

The phone is a sequel to the 2028 releases. There are many improvements from the previous releases. The product is expected to have some exciting features. The device will be available in three variants, each of which will come with different features and price tags. However, we can’t be sure about what exactly these prices are going to be because they haven’t been confirmed yet by Tecno. So if you want to know how much it’s going to cost, wait for an official announcement!


It seems like the release of the new Tecno Pova is going to happen this year. The officials for Tecno Inc. were not very clear about what we are supposed to expect when the new phone will be released. We hope that it will come with a lot more upgrades and improvements because there have been complains about the performance of some older models already. This can be a great chance for them to have an upgrade!

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