The best photography in the world

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People love to take photos. It’s a great hobby, and capturing images of people, places, and moments in time can be really fun. If you have an eye for photography but aren’t looking to become a full-time photographer, it’s perfectly fine to just enjoy taking snapshots of your everyday life without becoming too serious about it. But if you do want to pursue photography as a hobby or maybe even as a side business, there are some things you need to know before getting started.

Photographer Petra Collins

Petra Collins is a master at taking photos with unbridled emotion. Whether she’s capturing the minutiae of her childhood, or documenting the final months of her father’s life, Petra has an eye for bringing out the most raw emotions from her subjects.

Photographer Natalia Mantini

A self-taught photographer, Natalia Mantini is committed to portraying the complexities of life by documenting the emotional difficulties faced by her subjects. Her editorial projects have been published in major publications like Esquire, Elle and The New York Times Magazine.

Photographer Deborah Bay

Deborah Bay is one of the world’s most sought-after photographers, and over the years she has contributed more than 1000 to different publications. One thing that makes her work stand out is that it’s been shot exclusively with a large format analog camera. Recently, Deborah was honored as being one of eleven artists who will be inducted into The Art Directors Club Hall of Fame next year.
I am humbled by this recognition from The Art Directors Club, says Bay.

Photographer Madeline Sofia

This Toronto-based photographer always creates stunning, finely textured images with her subjects. As she puts it, I have the privilege of taking photos that speak to you on many levels—not just capturing your appearance, but also the essence of who you are. I can’t help but agree!
Madeline Sofia is also a graphic designer which allows her to create posters and other graphics for her photo shoots as well as more intricate designs for weddings, events, etc.

Photographer Alex Mckenna Taylor

Alex Mckenna Taylor is an up-and-coming street photographer, focusing mainly on New York City. He first became inspired to shoot pictures after spending time abroad in Africa and Asia. I wanted to be able to give my perspective on what it’s like for the average person, not just show the tourist, he says.

Photographer Julien Mauve

Netherlands-based Julien Mauve takes photographs that capture the intrinsic beauty in people’s faces, bringing out the beauty in everyone he photographs.
In my own project ‘beauty is not enough’, I investigate how beauty can relate to ugliness, and vice versa, he says.

Photographer Colin Curwen

With 20 years experience shooting for magazines such as the New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, The Smithsonian, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Outside Magazine and Newsweek. Colin is also the recipient of prestigious awards including France’s Prix du Documentaire Arles, known as the Academy Awards for documentary film making. As well as Picture Editor at National Geographic Magazine.

Photographer Matt Georges

Matt Georges’ breathtaking landscapes depict the pure, untouched beauty of the natural world. It doesn’t get more intimate than Georges’ intimacy with his subjects, and he is constantly able to capture those fleeting moments that prove it. From panoramic desert scenes to shots of mountainous forests, Matt Georges explores our Earth with a hint of lightheartedness.

Photographer Peter Adams

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Photographer Yashica Miyamae

There are thousands, if not millions, of skilled photographers who do not possess Yashica Miyamae’s style. It is difficult to find another artist with the technical skill to freeze moments as delicate as hers and execute them so flawlessly. The best photography in all world would be found within her collection.


We all want to capture the beautiful moments and memories, but how do we get to that point? It can seem like a daunting task, but there are plenty of resources out there to help. Whether you’re looking for the latest industry news or want to find some inspiration from other photographer’s work, it’s out there. We hope this roundup has been helpful in your journey to find the best photography.

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