Flood Disaster in Pakistan 2022

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You don’t need to be an expert to know that climate change and natural disasters go hand in hand, but did you know that there was approximately the same number of natural disasters in 2011 as in 2010, according to the UN’s Office for Disaster Risk Reduction? In fact, these kinds of events are on the rise, and they can happen anywhere, at any time. If you live in an area vulnerable to flooding like Pakistan, it’s important to be prepared ahead of time. Here are three steps you can take right now to protect yourself and your family from the next flood disaster in Pakistan.

What Happened In The Past

In 1998, a major flood disaster hit the country of Pakistan and left 20 million people without homes. In July 2018, it’s been reported that the floods had left 1.7 million people homeless and 3,500 dead. The floods have also destroyed bridges, roads, schools and other buildings. What To Do Next: Flooding disasters are unpredictable events so there is no way to fully prepare for them but by following these steps you can at least help prepare yourself for possible flooding disasters

What Can We Learn From Past Floods?

If you live in or near a coastal area, a flood could happen at any time. Here are five things you can do to prepare for the next flood disaster. A) Develop an emergency plan with your family and friends so that everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency. B) Make sure that your pets have proper identification tags and a current rabies vaccination certificate. C) Create a list of critical information like address, contact numbers, medical conditions, medications and insurance policies which may be needed if you evacuate on short notice.

What Are The Risks in 2022?

The risks are being flooded by water due to higher sea levels. Floods not only destroy buildings and roads, but also people’s belongings and valuable items. All of this can lead to damaged buildings, which can be challenging for clean up, let alone rebuilding. Without proper preparation for a flood diaster in pakistan, the risks of higher devastation will surely increase due to lack of funding and resources. An important way people can prepare is making sure their homes are able to resist a flood.

Where Will The Damage Occur?

Although the impacts of climate change are largely being felt through extreme weather events, a heavy monsoon season or flooding will have an even more severe impact. Flooding, especially when it occurs on a large scale and lasts for long periods of time can devastate homes and lives. Our thoughts go out to those currently suffering from flooding in Peru and India. So, what can you do to prepare for the next flood?

How To Prepare For A Disaster

It is important to be prepared for a disaster. Try these tips so you will have a better idea of what to do before the next disaster hits:

– Make sure you are aware of the safety zones and evacuation routes near your home.

– Know what types of disasters may strike and how they may affect you.

List of suppliers

The risk of flooding is great in Pakistan, but preparing can help protect your home and family. Read the list below to learn how you can plan for a potential flood disaster. Anchor (link) #1 (How to Prepare): Find suppliers that are experienced with flood disasters, such as National Flood Services

Anchor (link) #2 (Why Do We Need Supplies?): Emergency kits will help protect you and your family during a flood.


In the event of a flood, having an emergency kit ready will help you stay safe and protect your home. Having these items on hand could mean the difference between living and living without necessities. Review this list of things you should store before disaster strikes, and make sure to take care of them now while everything is going smoothly. It’s better to be prepared ahead of time rather than have no idea what you need when it hits.

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